Floral Friday – Camellia sinensis




Floral Friday – Puya chilensis

This is a quick update for you all, as I haven’t posted anything for a month! The PGG study trip to Portugal was sensational, more amazing than I thought it would be. Since I returned to Wales life has been a whirlwind, I had a job offer to work in a dream garden which I have accepted! so I’ve been busy organising somewhere to live as well as coping with other problems which life throws at you.

I start my new job at the beginning of June which is very exciting! yet sad at the same time as I will be leaving my current job at NBGW early. I only have three weeks left so I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time here as much as I can. I have lots of lovely photos from my adventures which I’ll share soon – until then here’s a shot of a fabulous plant in flower in the Great Glasshouse at the moment, Puya chilensis from Chile. Isn’t it wonderful? Happy Friday! 😀