Tortworth Chestnut

Today I went in search of some serious tree porn. . . see what I found! Definitely an OMG moment!!

Tortworth Chestnut

179The Tortworth Chestnut (sweet chestnut, Castanea sativa) is thought to have grown from a nut planted in 800 AD. This makes it over 1,000 years old, dating back to Saxon times.

The full beast


The girth of the main trunk is about 11 metres (36 foot). There are numerous branches which have laid down roots around the mother tree, which are creating a little chestnut copse.

Suckers from the mother tree


I became aware of this handsome beast after reading Archie Miles’s book “Hidden Trees of Britain”. The Tortworth Chestnut is tucked away in a field, near the church in Tortworth, Gloucestershire.

Close up of the main trunk


It is a must-see for any tree enthusiasts, I pretty much wet myself when I first caught a glimpse of this amazing, awe-inspiring fella. The photos don’t do him justice but still. . . 🙂


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