NBGW Update

I had to make sure my first post of 2015 was about the National Botanic Garden of Wales. It’s been too long since my last NBGW update! I finished my placement with the outside team at the end of November and have been with the inside team since December.

Inside the Great Glasshouse


Sunrise at Allt Goch

20141208_162830 Edit

Sunset at NBGW


I spent a lot of time on the Broadwalk for my last few weeks outside, clearing the Rock of Ages Pools of a particularly invasive weed – Equisetum, or, as it’s more commonly known, mare’s tail. Its roots can go down as deep as seven feet, you do not want this thug in your garden!

First pond, before. . .



Halfway there. . .


and finished!


Second pond, before. . .


Nearly there. . .




It took me and another colleague nearly three weeks to remove it from all three ponds, it was damn cold, hard work but incredibly satisfying. Each time I see the ponds now I can’t help but smile at how awesome they look!

Third and final pond, before. . .


Nearly done. . .




My favourite sculpture at NBGW


Me and the other PGG student Becky had a fun morning early in December, getting some chainsaw practice. We helped the arborist at NBGW fell a conifer which was to be used as a Christmas tree. Becky made the felling cut and I pulled it over, with our colleague supervising. That’s what I call teamwork!

Before felling. . .


and after!


I have been spending the first half of my placement with the inside team in the nursery glasshouses and polytunnels, which is the private area at NBGW that isn’t open to the public. This is where all the propagation and overwintering/storing of plants for the entire site takes place, for both the inside and outside teams.

Inside Nursery Glasshouse 1 (aka NG1)



Dendrobium ‘Berry Oda’


Jumellea sagittata

Jumellea sagittata

x Citrofortunella microcarpa

x Citrofortunella microcarpa

Spraying biological control in NG1


I have been working with all the different plant collections, from Banksias and Proteas which belong in the Great Glasshouse to Brugmansias and Cannas which were lifted from the Double Walled Garden.

Penstemon cuttings




Philodendron scandens before. . .

Philodendron scandens

and after!


The massive Euphorbia before. . .


In the middle of re-potting. . .


and after!


Watering in Nursery Glasshouse 3 (aka NG3)


Two of the glasshouses are my responsibility while I am with the nursery team (NG1 and NG2), it’s a great feeling being trusted to look after them. The daily maintenance includes: watering, pest and disease monitoring, weeding and general tidying, to ensure the plants are as healthy and happy as possible and the glasshouse is in as good a condition as it can be.

Brugmansias in Nursery Glasshouse 2 (aka NG2)


Eucomis bulbs before tidying. . .


and after!



In the middle of re-potting a Banksia


As well as the general upkeep I’ve had the chance to do some propagation work which I really enjoyed. I’ve also re-potted numerous different types of plants, including a massive Euphorbia which was well over six feet high!

Anigozanthos (aka Kangeroo paws)


Hardenbergia violacea (Lilac vine)

Hardenbergia violacea


Moraea polystachya

Moraea polystachya


Tomorrow is the start of my last week with the nursery team, I’m looking forward to spending the remaining six weeks in the Great Glasshouse. Until then! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “NBGW Update

  1. Lovely to get another post from you Becka! I enjoyed all your before, during and after pictures and the sunrise and sunset ones were beautiful. You have been working with such a variety of plants and doing so many different types of jobs too. I hope this last week with the nursery team goes well and that you enjoy your work in the Great Glasshouse. Clare x

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  2. You’re terrific Becky! You’ve learned so much about care for the many plants and flowers. I’m glad to see your progress and successes! Was nice to hear from you again! πŸ™‚


  3. Lovely to hear from you again. They must be keeping you so very busy. The photos are lovely and the improvements you have made spectacular! I must admit I am a total sucker for a sunrise or a sunset! πŸ™‚


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