Life at NBGW

Life has been crazy since my first post about NBGW, I hope I’ve been giving you enough of a nature fix with my Wordless Wednesday posts! I attended the PGG seminar and YoungHort conference at the end of September which were two fantastic events – I’ll be writing in more detail about these in a separate post.

Misty morning in the Double Walled Garden


I love this actaea and aster combination


Cynara cardunculus (cardoon)


I also went home for my best friend’s baby’s christening, it was a lovely way to see everybody and celebrate his 1st birthday too – I can’t believe Oscar is now a year old! He’s a gorgeous boy, I am a very proud godmum!

I am still working with the outside team, as well as continuing the bed blitzing in the Double Walled Garden I’ve also been let loose in the Bog Garden. I’ve been having fun in the mud!

Before. . .


. . . after!


There isn’t enough staff to maintain this area of the garden so the decision has been made to remove most of the plants and grass over the remaining soil. It’s a shame to lose the Bog Garden as it had some lovely aquatic plants but hopefully in the future a new one will be created when there is enough people to look after it properly.

Fun in the mud!


Moving Zantedeschia plants


The digger at work


I’ve been busy saving plants, some are being potted up and kept while others have been moved to different parts of the garden. The digger was in last week removing all of the big shrubs and small trees, the site looks so different compared to what it was like before.

Before. . .



. . . after!



Only the Gunnera manicata (Chilean rhubarb) are staying in the Bog Garden, which I have been preparing for winter by cutting them back and covering the crowns with their own leaves – this protects them from frosts.

Close-up of a Gunnera stem


Gunnera crown


Before. . .


. . . after!


I love Gunnera, they remind me of my childhood – their huge umbrella like leaves were the perfect hiding place when playing hide-and-seek with my brothers!

There are some gems in the Double Walled Garden at the moment. The asters have been wonderful throughout September, they’re beginning to go over now. They’re my mum’s favourites, she calls them Michaelmas daisies!




This fantastic shrub is Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’, its red foliage is stunning. It looks even more striking in the sunlight, like it’s on fire.

Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’



The red hot pokers (Kniphofia rooperi) look absolutely amazing in the borders. The vivid orangey yellow is so vibrant at a time of year when most of the herbaceous plants have finished flowering. It’s a proper gem!

Kniphofia rooperi


There have been some beautiful sunrises over the past month, I’ve nearly been late for work because I’ve been stopping to take photos! I’m particularly fond of the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) silhouette. Isn’t it awesome?!


20140930_074911 Edit

Sunrise over the Great Glasshouse

20140930_080752 Edit

Cardoon silhouette

20140930_080847 Edit

As well as working(!) I’ve also been getting involved with a game which is played at break-times – the Teabag Challenge! Basically you have to throw the teabag at the target (in our case a paperweight, called “the Jack”) and whoever gets their teabag closest to the target is the winner – usually it’s whoever wins the most out of three games.

I amazed everyone a few weeks ago by getting the “Master Shot” which is when the teabag you throw lands directly on top of the target without being in contact with the ground at all. Considering I had never played this game before I came to Wales made it even more of a victory – I’m a natural!

My Master Shot!


20140923_122933 Crop

The person who invented the Teabag Challenge made me a medal with the word “Master” and the date on it. How cool is that?! It’s a game which is taken very seriously at NBGW, no mocking now! The regular players are all blokes so I’m representing the women when I beat them at it! We know how to play as hard as we work. 😉

Misty mornings on the way to work



A rare sunny moment!


That’s all from NBGW for now, I’m off to Belgium at the end of the week for a PGG study tour. We’re visiting five different botanical gardens in one weekend, I can’t wait! I’ll have plenty to update you all with when I return. Until then I hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Life at NBGW

  1. How busy you’ve been! I love the photos of the misty mornings and the sunrises are awesome. I thought it sad that there aren’t enough people to keep the bog garden going. I hope it can be reinstated soon.


    • It’s been very busy recently, hardly had time to stand still! It was a pity to see the Bog Garden go, a real shame. There is nothing worse than seeing part of the garden not up to standard, hopefully it will be easier to maintain now 🙂 thank you for reading and commenting! x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry for the delay- they are all terrific but the red hot pokers, the colour really grabbed me.
        Are you still receiving my posts? Perhaps you are just so busy as I haven’t seen you popping up with a comment in awhile and wondered if they were not getting through with all the computer issues I’ve been having? 🙂 xx

        BTW: I’m unfamiliar with the tea game??? :))

        Liked by 1 person

      • The red hot pokers are gorgeous 🙂 I think so Lea, pretty sure I saw one of your posts pop up in my emails the other day. I’ve been terrible at keeping up to date with other bloggers posts recently! Hope to catch up this week sometime. 🙂 ah if ever you visit Wales while I’m here then I will show you how to play the Teabag Challenge Lea! 😉 xx


    • Oh that is a shame, they look amazing when the birds haven’t got to them! When I was growing up the best toy I had was my imagination – nothing’s changed! 😉 thank you Christine xx


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