Bedding Bonanza!

Last week at Ashridge all of the summer bedding was planted out, we managed to complete the bedding changeover in less than two weeks – that’s a record time! As well as putting out bedding plants in summer we also plant out tender perennials and half hardy annuals in some of the beds and borders too.

A trailer full of plants


The Fernery Garden, before planting


Hard at work!


Nearly there. . .




Plants like Crassula ovata, bananas (musa), gingers (Zingiber officinalis), Colocasia, pelargoniums, dahlias, bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), fuchsias, aeoniums, Trachycarpus, Agapanthus, Chlorophytum comosum and Canna indica are mixed in with the rest of the bedding.

The Lifestyle Centre beds, before planting. . .



and after!



The combination of exotic foliage and bright flowers gives a beautifully bold, eye-catching display. Areas like the Fernery Garden, Entrance beds and the beds behind the Ashridge Lifestyle Centre (gym) were transformed in a week.

Entrance beds



Strike a pose!


As well as coming up with the design for the Terrace (see Ashridge Life) I also chose the design for the circular Entrance bed. My idea was to make a flower design, with vivid green Coleus ‘Lime Delight’ as the petals, pink Verbena as the centre and deep blue Lobelia ‘Crystal Palace’ to fill in the rest of the bed.

All marked out


Nearly there. . .





It was a bit of a headache measuring out the shapes but once it was planted I felt a real sense of achievement. I couldn’t believe how well the colours worked, contrasting against each other to really draw the eye in. It’s a magical feeling seeing the designs I drew on paper come alive in the gardens!

A happy worker!


I’ve added some of the leftover bedding plants to my border, I used pink and red geraniums and Cosmos, a mixture of colours. It’s going to look great once they’re flowering!

My border


I hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Bedding Bonanza!

  1. Lovely photos! It’s really interesting to see the work in progress and you have certainly worked hard! Hope your back has stood up to it all – but you’re so young ! Of course it has!! I loved your flower design. The colours work well together and it can be viewed from all angles equally well. Congratulations!


    • Thank you! It was damn hard work but that makes it all the more satisfying once it’s done. Yoga certainly helps after a long day planting! Glad you liked my design, I know I’m bias but I am genuinely delighted with how well it transferred from paper to the actual bed 😀 x


  2. Great pictures! You guys are terrific, planting such beautiful gardens. Well, you’re the professionals! Congratulations Becky! 🙂


  3. Becka your whole hands must be bright green as well as your thumbs and all the fingers as you are a magician in the garden! The photos amazing as always and you design was magnificent! 🙂 x


      • Have you given any thought to using some of these photos to create a calendar? You could sell them as they are wonderful and who couldn’t use a few extra pounds? 🙂 xxx


      • That’s not a bad idea! I could definitely do with the extra cash, seeing as I am living on a student wage. I’ll have to find time to look into it properly – thanks Lea! 😀 x


  4. Becky this is all fantastic and your design looks magnificent completed! As Lea said you have more than green fingers! It was fabulous seeing all the before and after photos; it gives us some idea of the very hard work that’s involved in making these gardens so beautiful. I wish I could see this one with your design for real. x


  5. The gardener is also an artist! The photos are wonderful, but it must be breathtaking to come upon this circle of bloom in actuality….I bet king Louis XIV would have hired you immediately for the gardening at Versailles 🙂


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