Tulip Mania

Some of you may have read the post I shared a week or so ago “Ashridge Again” where I mentioned the tulips on the Terrace which were just waiting to burst into flower – well now they have!

The Terrace

20140410_094018 Crop


Just look at these amazing beauties, aren’t they gorgeous?! It’s been a pleasure walking past them every day, to have helped create this beautiful sight makes me feel like a proud parent. It’s like I’ve given birth to these plants!




I hope you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Tulip Mania

    • Thank you Christine! I think the tulips at Ashridge would make most others look dull in comparison, there are thousands of tulips in this display! I love walking past them and seeing their heads nod in the breeze. 😀 xx


  1. Becka, they are absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the tulip fields in Holland or the ones in Washington State. If you haven’t see the ones in Washington, I can send you a link to a post I did about them… 🙂 x

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