Ashridge Again

Here are more photos from Ashridge which I took at the weekend when the weather was beautifully warm and sunny. At the moment the arboretum is covered in daffodils, it looks and smells divine!

Daffodils in the arboretum





The bulbs we were busy planting in autumn are now out, the tulips on the Terrace are very nearly in flower – another week or so and it will be a blaze of colour.

The Terrace



One tulip in flower!


The hyacinths in the Italian and Monks’ Gardens are filling the air with their intoxicating scent, every time I walk past it’s like I’m inhaling a piece of heaven. One word – amazing!

Italian Garden



Monks’ Garden



During my year at Ashridge I have the responsibility of maintaining an area of the garden outside the Library, called the Orangery border. Any spare time I have is spent on its upkeep, usually after work now that the evenings are lighter or at the weekends – weather dependent of course!

Orangery border



In the autumn/winter I was busy cutting back the herbaceous perennials and planting a mixture of winter bedding and bulbs which were Polyanthus, Bellis and tulips. Towards the end of winter/beginning of spring I’ve been keeping on top of the leaf-clearing and weeding, as well as mulching.

Bellis (Daisy!)

20140329_120801 Crop

A few weeks ago the rest of the Garden team helped me mulch the entire border with a biodegradable mulch of wood chippings. The main reason for applying mulch is to improve the soil texture, suppress weeds, retain moisture and generally give a more aesthetically pleasing look to any bed or border.

All mulched!


Look who it is! 😉


It was fantastic to have my colleagues help in the working day, instead of mulching the border on my own at the weekend as I had originally planned. Five pairs of hands are definitely better than one!!

The border now looks extremely neat and smart, I still get an enormous feeling of satisfaction when I look back and realise what I’ve achieved with hard work and passion. Oh, and a little help from my friends! 😉

I’ll finish with a series of tree photos, most of them were taken in the arboretum and around the Main Lawn.

Ashridge House and the Main Lawn



IMG_0869 Edit

The Chapel

IMG_0882 Crop

Sequoiadendron giganteum

20140329_115052 Edit

More trees

IMG_0883 Edit


IMG_0885 Edit

I’ve been having fun experimenting with black and white in some of my photos recently, I’m starting to prefer it to colour photographs especially for shots of trees. Let me know what you think! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ashridge Again

  1. Wow, another amazing post Becky! What a display! And I love the photo of the chapel with the tree mirroring the steeple. Or vice versa! I too love black and white photographs. For certain subjects they can be much better than colour. But not for your beautiful flowers. Love your pose too! 😄 Xx .


    • I love how the tree mirrors the chapel too, it’s uncanny how perfectly positioned they both are. I’m with you on the colour photos too, flowers wouldn’t look the same in black and white!
      Thank you Christine, glad you liked this post 😀 xx


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