The Best Bank Holiday

First written and posted on 27th May, 2013. Please click here if you would like to read the original post on This and That.

I couldn’t believe the amazing weather we were blessed with for the Bank Holiday, usually it rains non stop but this time it was beautiful. It feels like summer is nearly here! Plane tree walkway

I had a great weekend, on Saturday my family came down and I showed them round Eden which was lovely. I gave them a guided tour of both biomes and the outside gardens as well, all for free of course – the advantages of being Eden staff!

It wasn’t heaving with people, as it was such a nice day most people were probably at the beach. It was perfect for us as we could dawdle round and have a long look round each area, which is harder to do when there are crowds of people around.Me and Mum! The biomes and arena

I showed my parents and brothers the most unusual plants in the biomes, including the extraordinary Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) which is a tropical vine that is a beautiful emerald green/turquoise colour, native to the Philippines. Jade vine

It doesn’t look natural, being an almost fluorescent green but it is! Usually it only flowers in March but it’s had a second flush of blooms this year, in May – we were lucky to see such a rare plant in flower. Me and Dad!

We were all feeling brave enough to go right to the top of the Rainforest biome by climbing up a set of steps until we reached a viewing platform which enables you to get a bird’s eye view of the whole biome. It’s fifty metres high so is a definite no-no for anyone who has even the slightest fear of heights. a bird's-eye view of the new canopy walkway

My mum doesn’t have serious vertigo but she definitely prefers to have her feet on solid ground so it was very courageous of her to get to the top. I saw several people who managed to get halfway up then had to turn round and go back! Looking down!

I had a great view of the new canopy walkway which is being built in the biome, but even that looked tiny when I was looking down at in. In fact everything seemed tiny in comparison to how I normally see it, the mighty waterfall seemed a mere trickle and the trees no more than weeds beneath my feet. The little waterfall!

There wasn’t a lot in flower in the outside gardens, due to the fact this year has had a really late spring and the weather is only just beginning to warm up now. Beautiful hibiscus flowers

In a month’s or so time it will look brighter, once the dahlias and sweet peas, along with the other wild meadow flowers, are out in bloom – there was still plenty for us to feast our eyes on this time round though. Acer tree along the blue border

The blue border, along the pathway to the Core building, had an array of pretty flowers out, including Californian poppies (Meconopsis) and Columbines (Aquilegia). A ruby red acer tree was a stunning contrast against a backdrop of so much blue. Pink!

We had the perfect end to a lovely day by spending the evening at Pentewan beach, sitting on the sand with a drink in hand. Meconopsis

It made a change for my family to come and visit me instead of me going up to see them – hopefully this will become more of a regular occurrence now the weather is brightening up! Mum and Neville!

Yesterday was another glorious day, I spent half of it going round another favourite garden of mine – The Lost Gardens of Heligan. The rhododendrons and magnolias were out in full force and just looked stunning. Rhododendrons

However what really stole the show for me was the simple beauty of the wild flowers which covered every bank and hedgerow, especially throughout  the woodland walk I chose to go round. P1040254

Red campions, wild garlic, buttercups, stitchwort and of course bluebells made the most wonderful vision of colour you’ve ever seen. Red campions and bluebells

The bluebells stole the show for me, they were just everywhere I looked – I had to take care not to step on them. I nearly passed out with the scent they gave off, it went straight to my head!

You can see I took plenty of photos, I also wrote a poem about my day out as well – it’s called “A Beautiful Day:” Rhododendron

Sunlight dapples

on the woodland floor

filtered by trees

towering overhead

branches swaying in the breeze

it seems like they’re playing ball

with the sun.

Every inch of ground

a carpet of colour

pinks, greens, blues, whites

blended into one

 Dicentra, also known as Bleeding Hearts

one magnificent haze

of beauty,

but the crowning glory

the one flower which takes over

like no other

is bluebells,

everywhere I look awash

with a sea of blue

filling the air

with such an intoxicating perfume

I can’t help but breathe it in


it feels like not only me

but the whole world

is heaving a contented sigh.

I’m a sucker

for the simplistic things

and for me

waking up and thinking


today is going to be

a beautiful day

is the richest, warmest feeling

I’ve ever known,

and being able to see nature smiling at me

from the second I step outside

beaming such an infectious grin

I can’t help but join in

is worth more to me

than anything money can buy.

 View of the woodland

From the birds singing in the trees

to the breeze dancing with the leaves,

to the flowers blooming every day

to the sun, touching all with her golden rays,

to nature and its beauty

to the world and its ability

to make me feel pure

unadulterated happiness

no matter what.


I see beauty

I hear beauty

I feel beauty

and how can I not

when today is such

a beautiful day. . .

I hope you enjoyed the read, and had a brilliant Bank Holiday too. Until next time, happy writing! 🙂

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