Apprentice Awards

First written and posted on 28th June, 2013. Please click here if you would like to read the original post on This and That.

I have some very exciting news to share – in the past week I have won two awards, just for being me! I was nominated for Cornwall College’s Student Star Awards for Apprentice of the Year by my college tutor – there were over 300 nominees and I was short-listed to the final 3!

I was invited to attend the official award ceremony which was last week, at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay. It was an evening event which meant the attire was black tie only. I wore a tie-dye maxi dress, I think it’s the first time I’ve worn a dress this year!

Me and Beki

My parents came and so did my tutor, Beki. I didn’t realise quite how posh the venue was going to be – it felt like I’d entered another world, but made the whole night really special and memorable.

I didn’t win the Apprentice of the Year Award, I was a runner-up. I genuinely don’t mind I didn’t win because I found out on the night that the other two apprentices I was competing against were both doing three-year long Advanced Apprenticeships. For little old me to be classed in the same league as them was a great achievement – for that reason alone I felt I had already won.

Cornwall College's Award Ceremony

The other reason I was extremely proud was because I was the only student short-listed from my college (Duchy, Rosewarne) and the only person out of all the colleges in Cornwall representing horticulture at the ceremony. How’s that for promoting plants!!

I was also invited to attend my own college’s annual prize-giving ceremony, which I went to a few days ago. My tutor told me I had won a prize but she couldn’t tell me exactly what it was – I had to wait until the day to find out!

Me with my parents

It was held in a chapel in Camborne, all the tutors and staff were there as well as all the local dignitaries. It was great to meet different members of Rosewarne, as I only ever attended college once a week I never got chance to get to know people properly.

My award was announced right at the end, my name wasn’t even in the prize-giving programme, that’s how secret it was! My name was called out to receive the Greatest Personal Achievement Award, how amazing is that!

What makes the award so special is the criteria process is very selective, you need to be working at a really high standard to even be considered for the award, let alone win it. It’s obviously true because it hasn’t been awarded to anyone for 3 years!

I had won it for just being me, it feels wonderful not to just get the award but also the recognition and feeling of pride which comes with it. I now have even more achievements to add to my growing CV! 🙂

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