Amazing News!

First written and posted on 8th June, 2013. Please click here if you would like to read the original post on This and That.

I have some wonderful, fabulous, amazing news to share – I have a place on the Professional Gardeners’ Guild three year Traineeship, wooh wooh!! A London tour bus

I received an email on the 1st June inviting me to attend an interview in London, at the Historic Houses Association. I didn’t have much time to prepare, I crammed in as much revision as I could which included re-reading my application and mentally making notes for answers I could give if certain questions were asked. A gorgeous rose

I got the coach up to London, which took me into Victoria Station for Thursday afternoon. My interview was at 10am on Friday, I could have caught the overnight coach up but thought I would feel like death warmed up and look worn out – not a good look. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Embassy buildings

The interview was 40 minutes long, with two people – one of whom is the president of the Professional Gardeners’ Guild, John Humphris himself. Me in the Rose Garden

It was a very informal, chatty interview, as if I was just discussing it casually with family or friends – I asked questions about the course in general, nearly as many as the panel did. Let’s just say it was the complete opposite to my Kew interview! Pink beauties

I felt it had gone really well, and I remember thinking to myself “Well even if I don’t get in I did my best, which is all I could do”. I wasn’t being pessimistic but realistic, as I was informed that ten applicants were being interviewed and only three places were available. This time it turned out my best was good enough! The Rose Garden again

John Humphris rang me this morning to tell me the good news, I have been on cloud nine ever since. . . I can’t believe it, I’m so happy! Water feature

I’ll receive all the practical information within a few days, like starting dates and which garden I’ll be working in for my first year – it would be handy to know which corner of Britain I’m going to be shipped off to when I finish at Eden! Wellington Arch, in Hyde Park Corner

I had time to do some sight-seeing while I was in London which was lovely. The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny with blue skies for both days – there’s nothing worse than travelling when its raining. The Serpentine

I came across Belgrave Square by accident, but ended up seeing loads of Embassy buildings, including one with the Norwegian flag flying outside. A signpost!

I’ve never seen so many Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes’ as I did in that area of London. I half expected guards to come running out of nowhere to arrest me for taking photos – I look like such a typical terrorist after all! The Palace gates

I went to Hyde Park which was awesome, and saw the Serpentine and Rose Garden. There were beautiful pink and yellow roses in flower which smelt just heavenly. Me and my Mum must have spent a good half-hour just wandering round with our noses in every bush! Buckingham Palace, with guests arriving

When the surroundings go from grey to green in an instant and vehicles change from cars to bicycles it was easy to forget I was in the capital city. The fact you don’t have to pay to go in Hyde Park is astonishing considering you need to pay for virtually everything in London, even to use a toilet! Beefeaters

It was essential to see Buckingham Palace, I’d seen it loads of times on television so to see it for real was definitely the highlight of the trip. Horse parade

I was extra lucky because there was a garden party happening that afternoon, so not only did I see the Palace in all its glory but I also watched all the guests arriving in posh outfits. It was hat central, I saw some which looked like flying saucers! Buckingham Palace

I saw the beefeaters marching through the royal grounds and witnessed a parade of horses trotting past the gates, clearly practising for the Trooping of the Colour next week. Considering I had just planned to see the Palace itself I saw a lot of added extras which I was pleased about! Yellow rose

The main thing I achieved was getting a place on the PGG Traineeship, of course. I’m still in shock but in a good way – I can now enjoy my last months at Eden without wondering what I’ll be doing afterwards. Roll on September! 🙂 Me and Mum


2 thoughts on “Amazing News!

  1. I have just heard that I have an interview for the PGG traineeship in few weeks, I’m so excited and completely shocked that I’ve got this far in the selection process. Could you tell me a little more about what to expect from the interview? Reading your more recent posts about your experiences on the traineeship is making me want it even more!

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    • Great news on getting an interview, well done! I can’t recommend the traineeship enough, it’s a fantastic scheme. As I said in the post the interview was very relaxed, hardly any technical horticultural questions at all. It was more about why I applied, why I wanted a place on the course, how I felt the course would benefit my future career, my previous experiences in horticulture, etc. Make it clear that you don’t mind moving around each year to a new garden, as this is the main reason some trainees drop out as they can’t cope with living far away from friends and family. Basically just be yourself and I’m sure you’ll get it! Wishing you loads of luck, all the best 🙂 xx


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